Year 3

Welcome to Sarum & Danebury

Our topics this year are: The Island, Divide and Conquer, Worlds Apart, Chocolate, Under the Sea and Meet the Ancestor.
As writers, we will learn how to extend our sentences using a range of co-ordinate (but, so, or) and subordinate conjunctions (when, if, although). We will make our writing more interesting to read by using a range of language features, including expanded noun phrases, adverbs, fronted adverbials and speech. Throughout the year, we will create a range of different types of stories and poems, as well as information and persuasive texts. We will work as a whole class, in learning partners and independently to improve our writing.
As readers, we will develop our reading skills by ensuring that we understand what we are reading. We will be using our dictionary skills to help us learn the meaning of the new words. In addition, we will be inferring character’s feelings, motives and actions, using evidence from a text to support our ideas. We also enjoy a class story, read by our teachers – so far these have included Matilda, The Worst Witch and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
As mathematicians, we are developing and applying our understanding and knowledge of place value. We will build upon our understanding of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) by learning to use the written methods and applying them to solve different problems. We will also be becoming experts in fractions, measurement, shapes and statistics!