Year 4

Welcome to Longleat & Wardour

In our year, we cover a range of termly topics which allow the children to enjoy their learning in an engaging and purposeful way.  The subjects are linked to the topic and help the children to build their skills in each area.  Each topic has a particular focus such as History or Geography.  The children also have regular PE sessions and opportunities to participate in sports’ clubs.  We aim to give the children as many experiences as possible and to challenge them to excel.


English is a mixture of reading, performing and writing.  The children are encouraged to read as many different types of book as possible and to discuss them on a regular basis.  As well as this, several books link to our topics and are used to help the children build ideas.  Speaking and listening supports the children’s learning and they are challenged to perform poetry, read aloud and act in role.  Writing is built alongside the other English skills and the children have the opportunity to write for different purposes including stories, letters, scripts and information texts.  They also edit and redraft their writing before creating a final piece.  In this way, they practise the grammar skills which are expected in year 4.


In Maths, the children are challenged to learn a range of skills and apply them to lots of different situations.  They need to have a firm understanding of place value ranging from thousands to the decimal hundredths.  The children then apply these skills to column methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  They also work with fractions, shape, time, measurement and coordinates.  Every child is encouraged to practise their core skills which include their knowledge of the times tables up to 12 x 12. We support understanding in each area through the use of physical resources, pupil discussion of the concepts and open investigations.


Science is an opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of the world around them and engage there curiosity.  The investigative skills focus upon asking questions, making predictions, testing accurately, recording data and interpreting results.  The children build their knowledge of the scientific processes linked to physics, chemistry and biology.  These processes include living things and their habitats, animals and humans, states of matter, sound and electricity.  We give the children opportunities to ask questions, test ideas and be scientists.

We hope you enjoy looking at our year group pages.