Year 6

Welcome to Avebury & Stonehenge


In year 6, the children will be writing for a range of purposes and audiences, including a short story. They are expected to apply their learning of reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation so that they can incorporate the new skills and features that they learn over the year. For example, the children will identify and apply advanced grammatical features such as the passive voice and the subjunctive mood in their independent writing. To develop their skills as writers, the children will draft, edit and improve their work with an increasing degree of independence.

Maths – Arithmetic

Building on their knowledge of written and mental strategies, the children will perform a range of calculations with an increasing degree of speed and accuracy. Using their times tables knowledge, the children will gain an in depth understanding of fractions, including how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. The children will also continue to develop their knowledge of number (including percentages, ratio and algebra) and place value by using decimals, negative numbers and large values in context.

Maths – Reasoning

Through a mixture of investigations and activities, the children will learn more about geometry (properties of shapes, coordinates and angles), measures (including time) and statistics (data handling and averages). In order to make progress in these areas, the children will be expected to solve problems involving multiple steps and to explain their reasoning in a mathematical way.


Continuing to develop their scientific investigation skills, the children will explore light, evolution and inheritance, electricity, animals including humans and living things and their habitats.

PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education

In year 6, the children will learn how to keep themselves safe when out and about in the community. This will include using social media and online communication responsibly (for example, the importance of privacy setting and ‘thinking before you send’), how to resist peer pressure and preparations for the transition to secondary school. Year 6 will also learn about sex and relationships and the dangers surrounding the misuse of drugs, including alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs and tobacco. We encourage good relationships with our community police officers by inviting them to hold talks on relevant issues in order to prepare our children to become responsible and independent citizens.


Through topic learning, the children will develop their skills and knowledge of geography, history, French, computing and P4C (Philosophy for Children). Topics covered in year 6 include: Extreme Explorers, Innovative Invaders, The Industrial Revolution, Raging Rivers, Shockwaves and Citius, Altius, Fortius! (Faster, Higher, Stronger – the motto of the Olympic Federation).

National Curriculum Tests

Throughout the year, we will be preparing the children for their National Curriculum Tests (formerly known as SATs) in reading, grammar and punctuation, spelling and maths. These tests take place in early May, allowing the children to focus on cross-curricular project work during the summer terms.

Topic Overview