About us

We aim to be a welcoming and fully inclusive school, serving our community of Amesbury by providing an education of the highest quality, guided by values of kindness and consideration for others and in accordance with Christian principles.

Our vision and values are important to us and are part of everything we do.

Our vision is ‘A place where every child matters’. Our values include compassion, friendship, perseverance, truthfulness, trust, creativity, responsibility, respect, forgiveness, courage, thankfulness and ambition.

Our children come from many different backgrounds, and all are encouraged to explore the meaning of faith, spiritual growth, and religious observance in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

The school size enables staff to know most of the children in the school by name, with every child valued as an individual with a unique contribution to make.  We believe that children learn best when home and school work in creative partnership and so we seek to involve parents, carers and families in all facets of school life.

Parents and carers are always welcome in our school.