SCHOOL CLOSED. Due to COVID19, the school is only open to children of key workers - Call us on 01980 623009 or email for any advice during this time.


Class teacher: Mrs Green




Good Morning Barbury,

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter Holiday and staying safe indoors. This week, I am working from home and it is very strange not being in school. I miss you all! Thank you for the letters I have recieved and the updates of what you have been doing at home. Please keep sending them in. 

Stay safe and see you soon 

Mrs Green  x


Dear Barbury

I hope you are staying safe and well during these very surreal times. This week has been very unusual. I have been in school most days, however, I have not been teaching. I am missing coming in and teaching each one of you. I miss your laughter, jokes and the many stories you tell me each morning. By staying home though, you are making the right choice and keeping yourselves and others safe.   

So, if I have not been teaching, what have I been doing?

Miss Jenkins and I have been busy changing the Library. It looks very different. We have looked at every book in there, got rid of the broken books and the ones we don’t need in our library that can still be enjoyed, now sit outside our school gates – so come and grab a handful when you complete your daily exercise with your family!

I hope you have all enjoyed some of the activities in the home learning packs and I am sure you are doing a fabulous job at these. It is also great to see so many of you on Bug Club, reading your books. I will keep looking at your profiles and will move you up book bands. So keep reading! When we are back together, we can share each other’s tree houses.

In school, the children have been following the home learning packs that you are doing but during break and lunch time they have decorated the playground with chalk, made a handprint rainbow for the large window in the hall and even got the teachers playing on the equipment. I had a go on the wheelie boards, I even went down on my stomach!

The one thing I have missed from our daily routine is sharing our story. Next week, I am hoping to record a small video for you and share a story with you. For this week, I will leave you with one of my favourite poems to read and share with your families.


Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu.

When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin.

When he smiled I realized, I’d passed it onto him!

I thought about that smile, then realised its worth.

A single smile just like mine, could travel round the earth!


Smiling at someone can brighten their day. At a time where many people will not be able to see loved ones or friends, do something to make them smile. Make someone you know smile. You can send a card to a neighbour, thank someone for their help (from a safe distance) or simply smile at someone.

I would love to see any pictures, stories and examples of work you have been doing at home. Ask your parents to email it in to the office so that they can send it to me!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will be in touch soon.

Mrs Green