Amesbury CE Primary School


At Amesbury CE Primary School, the School Council gives an essential opportunity for the children to have a strong voice; to discuss topics that are important to them and to their peers.  Through regular weekly meetings ideas are shared and plans put into action, with the pivotal aim of improving the school for everyone.
In each class from Year 1 to Year 6, councillors are involved in the democratic process of a school election. Each elected representative has the great responsibility of sharing thoughts and opinions of new projects, taking fresh ideas from their class for discussion and updating news following these conversations.

Our School Council has the very involved support of two important members of Year 6 who show pleasing leadership qualities.  They ensure a thorough record of the meetings proceedings, and with the guidance of Miss Sainsbury, group discussions, ideas and suggestions are recorded for further development.  As a central part of school life, the School Council has organised school events, purchased resources, supported charities and projects to benefit our school and further afield.

In recent times, the School Council has encouraged more children to cycle or scooter to school, to create more positivity and friendliness amongst the children, supported the inclusion of a ‘Pride and Joy’ or ‘Happy’ book in each class for children to record rewarding learning experiences.  Long term, the Council is keen to promote our class reading areas by launching a competition to encourage children to design their perfect book corner or space and to create ‘Buddy benches’ for children who sometimes look for friends to play with at break and lunch times.

All of the school councillors have one thing in common: they want to help to make our school a better and kinder place to be in.  They are proud of our school, they want children to have a voice, they want to help others so that we can all grow and achieve.  They are passionate about creating a positive learning environment and they are keen to support British values in all that they do.

On the UK Parliament website, there are some really interesting learning resources and activities you can get involved with and learn more about our parliamentary system - you could interest older family members too.

Here you can find learning sessions on topics such as Votes for Women, How the UK Parliament Works, Campaigning and How laws are made.