SCHOOL CLOSED. Due to COVID19, the school is only open to children of key workers - Call us on 01980 623009 or email for any advice during this time.


Class teacher: Miss Jenkins

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Osgood (a.m.), Mrs Wells (p.m.)

PPA cover: Ms Wildman/Mrs Wyatt (Tuesday pm) and TBA (Thursday am)

Welcome to Longleat Class!


Dear Longleat,

The last few weeks have been very surreal! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a teacher…and now to be a teacher in school, without a class to teach makes me feel lost.

I have loved seeing you progress in every way through the year and each and every one of you have made me fall even more deeply in love with teaching. Watching your empathy grow towards others that need help has made me almost burst with pride. You show kindness to others, hold yourself dignity around school and in the local community and have been working extremely hard on your endurance!

I have been lucky enough to see five of our class members, Hayden, Henry, Dean, Alfie and Tayah. I enjoyed playing in the playground with them even though I wasn’t their class teacher. I can understand that many of you are probably feeling worried about not being in school and uncertain about what is going on due to our country being in lockdown. Ultimately, lockdown is to keep you and everyone else safe! Nobody wants to feel rotten with a temperature, nasty cough and tiredness (as well as a potential loss of smell and taste!). We are young and heathy, but not all of our family and local community are – so this is us, doing our important part to look after everyone around us!

I have no doubts that you are doing a fabulous job at this and that you are doing not just home learning but also creative learning too. I would love to see any pictures, stories and examples of work you have been doing at home. Ask your parents to email it in to the office so that they can send it to me!

Over the last few weeks, I have been sorting out our school library… and it looks very different! I have looked at every book in there and the ones we don’t need in our library now sit outside our school gates – so come and grab a handful when you complete your daily exercise with your family!

Before I go, I will leave you with your favourite type of story – a Pasha story. Pasha’s day care has been cancelled, so she has decided to become a naughty puppy once more! Not only has she eaten my kitchen curtain, she has now decided to eat the top half of one of my welly boots. I am hoping that it stays sunny outside and that I won’t need to use them anytime soon!

I would love for you to reply and to let me know what you have been doing with your family this week.

I miss you all and hope that I see you all soon,

Miss Jenkins 😊


Dear Longleat,

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work you have been doing at home and I am thrilled to see that you have been playing games with your family, baking bread and keeping fit and healthy with your daily walks! It feels very peculiar being in school without you – you have made me realise why I love being a teacher this year and what a difference we can all make together.

Being your teacher has made me one of the proudest adults in school this year. I love seeing you smile and celebrate with your friends when you finally ‘get it’ and how well you work together as a team... and what a great team we are!

I have a challenge for you this week!

I want to know how many of you can score more than 20/25 on the multiplication check – get your parents to email the office to let me know! You definitely need to do lots of celebrating if you get 20 or more!

Click on the link below to try:

See you soon,

Miss Jenkins