Medical Care

Many members of staff are trained to provide first aid to children and adults in our school with a number of staff also Pediatric trained.  Pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school.

When a child has suffered diarrhea or sickness it is imperative that they do not attend school until 48 hours without symptoms has elapsed.

For safety reasons, pupils must not bring medicine to school and staff are not permitted to administer medication unless there is a special arrangement – we can only do this with medication that is provided by a General Practitioner, is clearly marked with the practitioner’s label showing the child’s personal details and is obviously within use by date. Parents must always visit the main office and sign a medication form if their child is to be given medication as detailed above.

School nurses no longer carry out hair inspections. Please check your child’s hair frequently for signs of nits or head lice. The nurse will be pleased to advise you if treatment is necessary.

It is essential that we have a contact telephone number so that children who are unwell or have an accident can be collected by a parent, carer or relative. This must be kept updated.

We have a designated medical room with bed for children who may become poorly.