.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....Welcome to our school. Things are a bit different right now, but we are so pleased to see you!.....Kindness.....Dignity.....Endurance.....


Stourhead Class

Teacher: Mrs Hanslip

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Arnold

PPA Cover: Ms Wildman (Tuesday mornings)

Homelearning: Maths and Spelling

Welcome to our Year 2 page!

We are so proud of the way you have settled back into school and how hard you are working. 

Some things are still a little different and this is to keep us all safe.

You still need to come into school and leave school through the main gates on Kitchener Road.  You only need to bring in your coat, water bottle, lunch and book bag.  You should come to school in your PE kit every Tuesday.  We will help you to keep your hands clean throughout the day.  We will eat snack and lunch in our classrooms and have our own area of the playground when we go outside.  Your reading books will be collected in on Fridays and you will get a new book to take home on Mondays.

We are looking forward to another exciting term of learning…

In our English and guided reading lessons we will be exploring diary and letter writing, which will link to our exciting history work about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.  We will have daily phonics lessons to continue learning our sounds for reading and writing.

As mathematicians we will learn about multiplication and division, including working with money and solving word problems.

In our PSHE (circle time) lessons we will use the Jigsaw characters to explore and celebrate how we are different and what makes each of us really special as individuals.

As scientists this term we will be learning about different habitats around the world, including investigating micro-habitats in our school grounds and finding out what lives there!

Our RE is linked to celebrating Christmas and our daily worship will still be in our classroom this term.

In our history lessons we will be finding out about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.  What did Guy Fawkes want to do?  Why?  What happened at the Houses of Parliament on 5th November 1605?  How do all of these things link to Bonfire Night?  We will become Gunpowder Plot experts!

During our computing time this term we will be using the iPads to explore an app called Pic Collage.  We can use this app to create posters with pictures and writing about Guy Fawkes!

We are so pleased to have you back in school and we look forward to giving out lots of Dojo points when we see you working hard and being kind!