Amesbury CE Primary School



Headteacher: Mrs R. Rogers
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs P. Bailey
Assistant Head and SENDCO (Mat Cover): Miss S. Wells
SENDCO: Mrs C. Woodvine (Maternity Leave)
School Business Manager: Mrs W. Dodds

Our Admin Team

Admin & Attendance Officer: Mrs S. Richardson
Admin & Communications Officer: Mrs C. White
Senior Administrator & Attendance Officer: Miss E. Jones (Maternity)

Our Site Team

Caretaker: Mr B. Reed
Cleaners: Mrs C. Townley, Mrs F. Fitchett, Mr C. Cox, Mrs L. Gray

Our Catering Team

Mrs K. Day
Mrs K. Sarfas

Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants


Winklebury Class Teacher: Miss T. Mead / Mrs E. Reader (Maternity)     
Teaching Assistants: Ms D. Barry & Ms K. Bhaya

Year 1 

Stourhead Class Teacher: Mrs J. Walker                 
Teaching Assistant: Mrs T. Hayward (HLTA)

Year 2

Yarnbury Class Teachers: Mrs S. Brindley & Mrs A. Clarke   
Teaching Assistant: Miss E. Wells

Year 3 

Longleat Class Teacher: Miss O. Hawkins                               
Teaching Assistants: Mr M. Wilson & Ms N. Farmer

Year 4 

Wardour Class Teachers: Miss F. Nash & Mrs P. Bailey
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Howell (HLTA)

Year 5

Woodhenge Class Teachers: Mrs O. Davies and Miss S. Wells
Teaching Assistant: Miss A. Peary                     
Figsbury Class Teachers: Mrs C. Eveleigh and Miss S. Wells 
Teaching Assistant: Ms L. Nolan-Evans

Year 6

Avebury Class Teachers: Mrs S. Black & Mrs P. Bailey 
Stonehenge Class Teacher: Miss P. Clowes                   
Teaching Assistant: Mrs E. Richardson (HLTA)


Mrs C. Kingston


Pastoral Manager: Mrs P. Campari-Moss
ELSA Support: Mrs J. Chant (HLTA)
THRIVE: Mrs A. Meads 
SEN Teaching Assistant: Mrs M. Pidsley

ARK Breakfast Club/After School Club

Miss O. Self
Ms L. Nolan-Evans
Ms D. Barry
Mrs T. Hayward (HLTA)

Forest School

Ms K. Westall from Happy Grow Lucky Forest School