Amesbury CE Primary School



Headteacher: Mrs R. Rogers
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs P. Bailey
Assistant Head and SENDCO (Mat Cover): Miss S. Wells
SENDCO: Mrs C. Woodvine (Maternity Leave)
School Business Manager: Mrs W. Dodds

Our Admin Team

Senior Administrator & Attendance Officer: Miss E. Jones
Admin Officer: Mrs S. Richardson
Admin & Communications Officer: Mrs C. White

Our Site Team

Caretaker: Mr B. Reed
Cleaners: Mrs C. Townley, Mrs F. Fitchett, Mr C. Cox, Mrs L. Gray

Our Catering Team

Mrs K. Day
Mrs K. Sarfas
Mrs H. Madden

Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants


Winklebury Class Teacher: Mrs E. Reader     
Teaching Assistants: Ms D. Barry & Ms K. Bhaya

Year 1 

Stourhead Class Teacher: Mrs J. Walker                 
Teaching Assistant: Mrs T. Hayward (HLTA)

Year 2

Yarnbury Class Teachers: Mrs S. Brindley & Mrs A. Clarke   
Teaching Assistant: Miss E. Wells

Year 3 

Longleat Class Teacher: Miss O. Hawkins                               
Teaching Assistants: Mr M. Wilson & Ms N. Farmer

Year 4 

Wardour Class Teachers: Miss F. Nash & Mrs M. Pollard 
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Howell (HLTA)

Year 5

Woodhenge Class Teacher: Mrs O. Davies      
Teaching Assistant: Miss A. Peary                     
Figsbury Class Teachers: Mrs C. Eveleigh and Miss S. Wells 
Teaching Assistant: Ms L. Nolan-Evans

Year 6

Avebury Class Teachers: Mrs S. Black & Mrs P. Bailey 
Stonehenge Class Teacher: Miss P. Clowes                   
Teaching Assistant: Mrs E. Richardson (HLTA)


Mrs C. Kingston


Pastoral Manager: Mrs P. Campari-Moss
ELSA Support: Mrs J. Chant (HLTA)
THRIVE: Mrs A. Meads 
SEN Teaching Assistant: Mrs M. Pidsley

ARK Breakfast Club/After School Club

Miss O. Self
Ms L. Nolan-Evans
Ms D. Barry
Mrs T. Hayward (HLTA)

Forest School

Ms K. Westall from Happy Grow Lucky Forest School