Amesbury CE Primary School


Interim Executive Board Members Profiles

John Croker - Chair 

Curriculum, Leadership, Teaching & Learning, SEND and Safeguarding, 

My name is John Croker, and a father of six children. My wife, Louise, and I have both been in education for a long time and both headteachers during that period. Thankfully, our children have never held this against us! I have been a Headteacher of three very different and successful schools for twenty five years up to the age of 60 and, for the last eight years, working alongside and coaching leaders in schools that find themselves in difficult circumstances. I consider myself an extremely fortunate man, not least in that I have loved working in schools, striving to give our children the very best educational opportunities and chances in life. I very much look forward to supporting the development of Amesbury CE Primary School as Chair of the Interim Executive Board.


Father Darren A’Court 

Spiritual life of the school

As the local parish priest, I have the joy and privilege of helping to uphold and develop the School’s Christian ethos and to be a standing member ‘ex-officio’ of the Interim Executive Board. Alongside this focus on Christian ethos, I support Staff Wellbeing . I am committed to supporting all members of the School community in any way that I can, with a particular concern for the spiritual growth and general wellbeing of its members. Additionally, I am keen to strengthen and deepen the links between our School and the parish church for the mutual flourishing of them both.


Debbie Williams


I have worked within Children’s Services Finance at Wiltshire Council for 18 years, specialising in schools and high needs funding.   My role currently involves supporting and advising schools on funding streams and through the budget planning and monitoring process, particularly focusing on schools forecasting deficit budgets.  At present I hold the roles of Finance Governor and Chair of Resources Committee, on a Shadow Governing Body, previously an Interim Executive Board at another Wiltshire primary school.

Outside of my Local Authority post, I have also held the roles of, Chair of a Parent Teacher Association at a primary school and Trustee of a local youth organisation.


Simon Watkins

Leadership, Teaching & Learning and Performance Management

I am delighted to be a member of the Interim Executive Board at Amesbury CE Primary School. I have always worked in education, in a number of roles including as a teacher, a teacher trainer overseas and in my current role as an adviser to schools in Wiltshire. I am Dad of twin boys and was a Governor at the school they attended for six years. This included 2 years as Chair of Governors. 

Since March 2022 I have been supporting the leadership team in school and I look forward to continuing to be part of the school's journey moving forward.


Rachael Rogers

Head Teacher 

Designated Lead for Safeguarding, Looked after Children & Previously Looked After Children and Disadvantaged Children.