At Amesbury Primary we recognise the importance of nurturing creativity within our pupils, therefore the knowledge and skills developed through the Arts is a key area of focus in our curriculum.

The Arts stimulate imagination, creativity, thinking, and an understanding of diverse art forms from both within and beyond the children’s learning environment.

It encourages a life-long interest in the arts. The four arts disciplines – art, dance, drama and music – provide children with opportunities to develop and express ideas through the making and presenting of artworks.

They enable children to become critically aware of, and respond to, their own and other’s work. We pride ourselves on the high expectations that we set of every child and this is clearly reflected in the quality of work children produce in all aspects of the curriculum, and at every stage of their school career.

The school excels in all areas of the Arts and our cross-curricular approach has all element so the Arts at the forefront of children’s learning.

Sometimes, children’s only access to creative and wider experiences is through opportunities at school. We aim to give children skills and enthusiasm for the Arts beyond Amesbury, for example through:

  • Music
  • Singing
  • Drama Teaching

Through the use of our very own Art Studio that is situated with beautiful views across the school field, within Art children have the opportunity to work on a variety of techniques such as: drawing and painting, collage, textile, 3D design, printmaking and digital media.

Children will also have time to look at the work of a variety of artists of different movements and media.  Often the work will be weaved into a wider currciulum where children can make links with different subjects.

Every Summer Term, children of all ages across the school take part in Arts Week, whereby children develop and showcase the skills and knowledge that they have acquired during the previous academic year while also acquiring new techniques and interests.

Arts Week have proved to be a throoughly valuable experience for pupils, teacher sand parents and have demonstrated Amesbury’s commitment to the Arts within the local community.