Amesbury CE Primary School


Early Years children at Amesbury Primary are taught the skills needed to be resilient, resourceful and independent learners with a passion for knowledge. We work closely with parents and the local nursery schools to ensure that we have a warm, supportive and nurturing EYFS setting.

The Early Years team work together to build a learning environment that is welcoming, exciting and stimulating in order to ensure the maximum engagement of the children in our care. As a school we have invested heavily in the EYFS environment, (most recently in renovating our outside area,) so that we can be sure to give the learners their best start on their educational journey.

In EYFS we nurture children as they take their first steps towards fulfilling their potential, with a curriculum designed to inspire budding authors, actors, scientists and every other ambition the children may have. Every child is treated as the unique and wonderful person they are, with personalised activities, support and challenge embedded throughout our days.

We believe passionately in learning being driven by the children and about providing them with rich, vibrant real world experiences.  Our curriculum is founded on the principles of investigative, practical learning and is designed around the interests of the EYFS children each year. Whether we're building campfires with the Forest School, paddling in the sea at Bournemouth beach or just spending some time absorbed at our local library, our priority is ensuring that the children's learning is memorable and enjoyable.