Amesbury CE Primary School

                                                               WHO'S WHO?

Executive Headteacher: Ms Sandra Miller
School Business Manager:  Mrs Sarah Williams
Finance Officer: Mrs Juliet Fletcher
and Mrs Catherine Kelleher
SENDCo: Miss C Foote
Leadership Support: Mr Simon Watkins
EYFS Lead: Miss Rebecca Holden
Maths Lead: Miss Shannen Mundy
English Lead: Miss Amy Jenkins
Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs Jo Pegman
Curriculum Lead: Mrs Caroline Eveleigh
Acting Chair of Governors: Mr Ben Cook

Our Site Team

Caretaker: Mr Brian Reed
Cleaners:  Mrs Chris Townley, Mrs Fran Fitchett

Our Office Staff

Mrs Christine Connolly
Our Catering Team
Mrs Andrea Potts
Mrs Kelly Sarfas



Winkelbury Class Teacher: Miss R Holden 

Year 1 & 2

Stourhead Class Teacher: Mrs J Walker
Ebsbury Class: Miss A Sainsbury
Yarnbury Class Teachers: Mrs S Brindley

Year 3 & 4

Danebury Class Teachers: Miss F Nash & Miss C Foote
Wardour Class Teacher: Mrs S Black
Longleat Class Teacher: Miss S Mundy

Year 5

Figsbury Class Teacher: Mrs J Pegman
Woodhenge Class Teacher: Miss P Clowes

Year 6

Avebury Class Teacher: Mrs C Eveleigh
Stonehenge Class Teacher: Miss A Jenkins
Art Teacher: Mrs C Kingston
Music Teacher: Mrs E Houlihan
Teaching Assistants
Ms D Barry 
Mrs J Chant (HLTA)
Mrs L Dunford
Mrs T Hayward 
Mrs A Merridew
Ms L Nolan- Evans
Mrs S Osgood
Mrs A Pearey
Mrs E Richardson
Ms O Self
Mrs S Watts
Mrs E Wells
Mr M Wilson
Mrs K Bhaya
School Counsellor: Mrs C Jacobs
Forest School Leader: Mrs R Prior