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For Reception

Our Admissions Policy follows that of the Wiltshire Local (Education) Authority for 22/23 and 23/24. Subsequent policies follow that of MLP.  For Reception pupils, this means all children start school in the September following their 4th birthday.

If your child is 4 between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023?  If so, they will start primary school this September 2023. 

The preferred method of application is online at -

If you are considering sending your child to Amesbury CE Primary School, we would welcome the opportunity to show you around our school and let you see for yourself what we have to offer.  Please contact the school office to arrange a visit (01980 623009).

To request a booklet ‘Finding a primary school place in Wiltshire’ or for a paper application form, please ring 01225 713010.  All forms should be returned to Wiltshire Council, not the school.

We are happy to show prospective parents around the school before they make an application.  Please contact the school office to make an appointment (01980 623009).

In Year Admissions

If you are considering an in-year admission please contact Mrs Connolly in the School Office in the first instance, who will be able to guide you through the admissions process.   Applicants will be considered in line with the determined Admission Policy.  Where the School has no spaces available, because the admission of another child would prejudice the efficient education of others at the School or would prejudice the efficient use of resources, the application will be refused and a right of appeal, as set out below will arise.

To apply for an in year place please complete the attached form and return to Mrs Connolly in person or by email (hard copies are available on request).

The Trust aims to respond to in year admission requests within 10 school days (maximum time to respond is 15 school days).

How Applications are Considered

While every effort is made to make a place available for your child in our school, there is a limit on the number we can take. Each year-group has two classes with a maximum of 30 children each, a figure set by the LA and agreed with the Governors and Headteacher.

If the number of children wanting a place is below this figure, all will be admitted. If there are too many children applying for that year group, the LA gives priority according to their own admissions criteria. This ‘over-subscription criteria’ is as follows (in descending order):

  1. ‘Vulnerable Children’ (which includes ‘Looked After Children’), children from families registered with the National Asylum Support Service, and children with a severe medical condition.
  2. In-area siblings (including step, half, and foster siblings) where an older sibling is on roll at Amesbury CE Primary School already and not in their final year at this school. They must also live within the designated area at the same address as the older sibling.
  3. Other in-area children – those children who live within the designated area but do not have siblings attending the school.
  4. Children who live outside the school’s designated area but have an older sibling at the school that resides at the same address.
  5. Any other child for whom none of the above criteria apply.

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