Amesbury CE Primary School


In Year 6, we offer a residential trip to Govilon Activity Centre in Wales.  It is a fantastic place, positioned on the edge of the Brecon Beacons with access to a huge range of outdoor pursuits.  The children learn to face challenges, work as a team and build independence.  Just look at the photos to see how much goes on.  All those who go absolutely love their time and that even includes the teachers!

In order to keep costs down, Govilon is run as a not-for-profit organisation.  As a school, we begin advertising the trip in Year 5 and offer a payment plan to support the costs.  In this way, we hope that all children will be able to access this wonderful opportunity.         

Govilon Trip: 24th November - 27th November 2020  New dates have been reserved for later in the school year in the hopes that restrictions will allow this to go ahead. Parents will be kept informed of any updates to the potential residential for the current Year 6 cohort.

After a successful trip last year, we look forward to revisiting Govilon with the current Year 5 children. We have decided to move the trip to a later date so that there are no clashes with the 11+ exams and to provide the children with a little bit more time to settle into life in Year 6.

Please see the links below for further information.

Letter to Y5 Parents 

Govilon Powerpoint November 2021

Inital letter to parents 13.1..20

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Govilon Suggested Kit List

Govilon Infrormation Talk 23.1.20

Govilon Update 22.04.20

Govilon Trip: September 24th - 27th 2019


                    Map reading                                                                  In the Dragon's Nest                          

Quotes from the Year 6 children

"If heaven was a dish this would be it!"     "This is the BEST TRIP EVER!" 


                  Crab Shells                                                                   Dinner

"My dad made me wear a dandelion hat once."    "Help I'm stuck in a ditch!"

"Mrs Timmins, Can we bury Archie?"    "Rock pooling was incredible!" 


                                                        About to have lunch on the beach!


    Children Got Wet!                            Staff Got Wet!                              Children Got Wetter!