Amesbury CE Primary School

Visits and Visitors 

World Book Day- Thursday 3rd March 2022

 We had a visit from Martin Brown for World Book Day, he went around the school and visited each year group! The children had the opportunity to learn how to draw faces and animals.

 "I visited Amesbury CE Primary School this week to talk about illustrating the Horrible Histories books as part of the celebrations for World Book Day, and rarely have I been made to feel more welcome or been so impressed with the kids I was talking to. You get a vibe from a school - the moment you walk in - and the first thing I felt was Amesbury’s caring positivity. Everything seemed possible - even after the upheaval and weirdness of the last two years. If yesterday is any kind of indication of what the school is like, on a normal day, I reckon it has a very bright future indeed. It’s even got it’s own dedicated art room!"- Martin Brown