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PE - Ms Wildman



You are all so wonderful and enthusiastic in PE that I have no doubt that sport is helping to keep you and your family sane during these Home Learning days!?

There is so much online to inspire everyone to do something at the moment. Have you had a go at......

PE with Joe Wicks ( Monday-Friday 9am

Dance with Oti Mabuse ( Monday-Friday 11.30am

Disco Dion every day on youtube at 4pm, plus a family disco session on a Saturday night!


Tuesday 31st March

However, I have taught you all the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Now is the time to be really sensible and have carefully planned days that keep you all happy and healthy (work hard and play hard!!). Make sure you stick to normal sensible bedtimes, eat your 5-a-day fruit and veg and get fresh air and exercise at least once a day.

Challenge: ensure you drink 1.5-2 litres of water every day

Challenge: go outside and notice how spring is here. Sometimes it's not about the exercise just breathe in fresh air and appreciate being outside the house! Spot different flowers, look at the different blossoms and buds on the trees. My guinea pigs are loving hand-picked grass and dandelions!! Help with some gardening.

Challenge: a test for reactions (hand eye coordination) and brain training!.......

You have to remove the numbers from 1 to 50 by touching on your screen in the correct sequence from 1through to 50. (when you touch number 1 it will then disappear and another number will fill its place). Scoring: 10-19secs = impossible     20-29secs = liar     30-39secs = you're special              40-59secs = expert     60-79secs = normal     80-99 = you're getting old     100+secs = you are old!

I scored 38.1secs!!!!!


One last idea for you all....................A lot of our sports competitions take place at Avon Valley College. The School Games Organiser has asked me to tell parents that there are lots of daily sports challenges on the AVSSP facebook page. 


Wednesday 1st April

Another great website to try is They have loads of fun exercises, spot the difference puzzles, active maths and many, many, many more activities to get you through the days!!!  Just go to the link below.......