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Physical Education

Over the last few years Amesbury Primary has gained an excellent reputation in the local area for sporting success but our competitive achievements are only part of what we offer in PE and Sport. I strive to ensure that I teach a broad and balanced programme catering for every individuals needs. Pupils are encouraged to gain a passion and enjoyment for the subject in order to promote health and wellbeing.

The curriculum aims to provide pupils with the opportunities to:


I am delighted that our efforts and successes are reflected in our Gold Sportsmark Award. In just two years of applying we have gone straight from Silver to Gold. The challenge is to remain at Gold for 3 years in order to achieve Platinum status.

Physical Education activities you could do at home: 

Design a Bird

Colouring Fun

Pond Activity

Wildlife Bingo

Make your own birds Nest

Study a Minibeast

Race for a Rainbow

See our school kit list


Overview of sports and activities covered in PE

From Early Years to Year 6 pupils are taught two hours of PE each week. The majority of lessons (especially Key Stage 2) tie in with the sports competition calendar.

Pupils are taught multi-skills, health-related fitness, swimming (Yr6 only), cross country, netball, football, tag rugby, hockey, gymnastics, dance, OAA/forest school, tennis, athletics, cricket, rounders, volleyball, dodgeball. Basketball is also promoted as a recreational sport at playtimes.


These are the foundation movements or patterns to the more specialised, complex skills used in games, sports, dance and all physical recreation activities. These are taught to EFYS & KS1.

  • Fundamental movement - agility, balance and coordination
  • Fundamental skills - kicking, throwing, jumping, running, catching, striking, etc.

Areas which will be developed:

  • body management - balance and coordination
  • locomotor skills - movement patterns, running techniques
  • object control skills - limb and eye coordination, hand and eye coordination



Invasion Games are team games which are played on a pitch or a court. They include netball, basketball, football, tag rugby, hockey.

Skills which will be developed:

  • passing and receiving
  • timing and decision making
  • footwork
  • ball control
  • shooting
  • rules / tactics


Striking / Fielding Games are played in teams on a pitch. They include rounders and cricket.

Skills which will be developed:

  • batting
  • bowling
  • throwing and catching
  • ground fielding
  • rules / tactics


Net / Wall Games are played in pairs or as a team and are played on a court. They include tennis and volleyball.

Skills which will be developed:

  • serving
  • forehand strokes
  • backhand strokes
  • volley / drop shots
  • rules / tactics



These lessons allow pupils to work with a partner or as part as a group to develop their movement vocabulary. They will choreograph a final routine that will be performed in front of an audience (their class). They will have an opportunity to discover and experiment with a range of dance styles and forms.

Skills which will be developed:

  • 6 actions within dance
  • body shapes
  • general space
  • levels /space
  • pairs / group work
  • choreography



These lessons allow pupils to work on control and coordination of movement and balance. Pupils will have the opportunity to link movements together and into sequences or routines, on the floor and on apparatus.

Skills which will be developed:

  • travelling
  • balancing
  • flight
  • sequence work
  • safety
  • inversion



In track and field lessons they will experience running over short, middle and long distances, jumping and throwing. They will have the opportunity to work alongside an award scheme.

Skills which will be developed:

  • sprinting
  • middle distance
  • hurdling
  • jumping
  • throwing
  • skipping
  • safety and rules



As with national guidance for all schools, the aim is for all pupils to swim 25m by the time they leave primary school. Where possible pupils in Yr6 will be offered swimming lessons which will take place at Durrington Leisure Centre.

Skills which will be developed:

  • front crawl
  • back crawl
  • breaststroke
  • butterfly
  • diving
  • personal survival & life saving


Extra-curricular sport

At playtimes it is hard to find more than a handful of pupils who are not involved in something active! We work hard to give pupils plenty of opportunities to enjoy recreational play, whether on the playground during the wetter, winter months or on the field in the drier summer months. 

Pupils have the opportunities to be involved in:

  • trim trail and slide
  • football
  • basketball
  • playground equipment (skipping ropes, hula hoops, balls, roller boards and much more!!)
  • music and dancing
  • free play and their own individual games

We have a sports coach who runs an after-school club for Year 2 pupils on Fridays. This is a multi-sports club and is open to all pupils in the year group.


Sport and competition

School sports development squads and teams generally train at both lunchtimes and after school for Key Stage 2. Gym clubs run at breaktime during terms 3&4. Pupils who have been targeted within lessons get invited to join the development squads and then all school teams are entered into local and district compeitions.

So far this year we have had football, netball, hockey, tag rugby, gym, swimming and kurling teams! These teams include pupils from Years 3-6 and we normally have between 2-4 teams per sport. We are undefeated local champions this year and over the last couple of years have got through to County rounds in football (boys and girls teams), swimming, hockey and girls cricket.

I organise and host all cluster sports competitions and festivals. Our cluster schools include Christ the King, Amesbury Archer, Kings Gate, Woodford Valley and Newton Tony. Every term I offer at least one sporting event for the cluster and over the year it gives opportunities for pupils from Yr1-Yr6, those who are gifted and talented, as well SEND pupils


National School Sports Week

This is a national event which runs at the end of June and is something which our school wholeheartedly immerses itself into for the week!! Pupils (and staff!) wear pe kit or sports clothes for the week and spend every day using sport as a medium to learn. 

Activities include:

  • sports day
  • inter-house events
  • whole school events - Race for Life and nature walks to the local Rec ground.
  • sports taster sessions
  • forest school sessions
  • cross-curricular lessons
  • cookery
  • giant inflatables